Star Time Supply
Desktop Ecommerce UX Design

Create convenient and intuitive on-boarding and checkout experiences to help guide first time users through the online registration process and increase conversions of registered users.

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Outtie –
Mobile Travel App

Outie is an app that allow users to create a random travel experience based on the users desired travel distance. Users are able to further customize their experience by creating a vibe for the trip and adding “vibe based” suggested location; to a sharable trip itinerary map.
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Philmoor –
Mobile Digital Diet UX

Philmoor give your back control from your screens. This project allows users to monitor and disable the data useage on their mobile device, thus providing more time for life outside the screen.

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Mobile Language Learning UX

Mutter is an app that tests and tracks and individuals language learning progress over time in a fun and engaging manner. It helps remove the strain of learning a new language for millennials and better allows them to retain new language skills for longer intervals.

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