Why I Hate Chilli’s Restuarant

Maybe it’s me, but every time I go to a Chili’s in Houston, the service is terrible – thus the food is horrific by default.

It usually takes my small family 20-30 minutes to be seated; then another 15-20 minutes before we are addressed to take our order. I know your thinking…”we’ll why continue to go?!” The answer is simple; my family loves chills. I almost think they only love it; because they know I hate it.

I think back to an experience we had at the Pearland Chili’s. The entire waiting staff looked on as we stood in the doorway waiting to be seated. The waitress finally came over to take our orders and got everyone’s meal wrong. To top off this lovely outing – she over charged me. I wonder how much her tip was? I had not been to Chili’s since; not until my recent trip to Denver.

I took a short vacation with some friends to Denver Colorado. The entire group decided that we should go to Chili’s for lunch. What better time to announce my disgust for the bar and grill franchise? To no avail, we dined at Chili’s and much to my surprise the service and the food were excellent. The waitress was fast, friendly and very attentive. In short my confidence was restored, my Chili’s taste buds resurrected and my pallet; thoroughly entertained.

In life we sometimes fight so hard to retain our negative experiences in effort to prevent the reoccurrence, but in the same instance we are closing out the opportunity for redemption and forgiveness

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